Battery Drill Conversion

I had an ancient battery-powered drill, which was useless because the battery pack was dead. I'd kept it because I intended, one day, to convert it to Lithium cells.

Mt car came with a standard "scissor jack", which is a pain to wind up and down manually. Since the battery pack was 14.4 volts and the car battery, with the engine running, produces 13.6 volts, I decided simply to remove the battery pack and to connect twin flex cable with a cigar-lighter plug.

Above: batteries removed. Two of the batteries originally sat in the "tower" that holds the contacts. So I found a piece of sturdy plastic water pipe and cut two lengths. The cable runs through one of these and is soldered to the original contacts.



I reassembled the battery housing just like this and soldered a cigar-lighter plug to the cable.


Now the drill can be kept in the car and used to raise and lower the scissor jack. No need for a battery pack. No need for charging. And I just used it to drill a hole in the boot floor to allow water to drain out! (I must replace the hatch seal sometime.)


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