HomePlug PLA & Wireless Range Extender

ALL devices that transmit signals through the house mains wiring will cause interference. Radio reception equipment is the most susceptible to interference so please make sure that neither you, nor your neighbours, are avid radio listeners, otherwise you may experience disappointment. Wireless keyboards can be affected. Anything using wireless transmission can potentially be affected.

IF you experience interference, which stops when the devices are unplugged, you may return them complete (with original, undamaged packaging) for a full refund (not including P&P) within one month of receipt. This is in addition to our normal warranty and your statutory warranty.

Please note: A through-the-mains device is limited in its data throughput capabilities. 500 Mbps is the MAXIMUM data throughput and it is shared amongst all devices. If you use more than one wireless device simultaneously, you will experience a noticeable speed drop in data throughput. This is a characteristic of all such devices, not just ours, and we want you to be aware of it. If you are merely using email or browsing the web, you won't notice it. However, if you are playing an on-line game, you probably will.

If data throughput or interference do present a problem for you, please use ETHERNET CABLE (e.g. CAT5E, CAT6) instead.

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