Kindle Fire Review in Brief

I bought a Kindle Fire as a present for someone.

On the top edge there's the on/off button (left), a USB-C port for charging and for connecting to a computer, a headphone socket and two buttons (right) for volume.

Press and hold the ON button to turn the unit on, or press it briefly to bring the Kindle out of standby. You will be greeted by an advert screen.



Slide your finger up the screen from the "padlock" symbol to display the home screen. Below the "Search" bar you will see the menu listing

Below the menu listing you will see any recently-added items. In this photo you can see the book "All New Fire 7 User Guide", which I have just purchased. This is stored with the rest of the books and the image you see here is a shortcut to it. To get rid of this shortcut image from the Home screen, simply hold your finger on it until a list appears below it:
Remove from Home
Remove from Device

You can choose the first option to remove it from the home screen. (The book remains in your Library.) You can choose the second option to remove it from your Kindle. (You can download it again from Amazon at any time, for free.)

Tap BOOKS and you'll see the BOOKS screen.

You can either use the search bar to find a book by title or by author, or you can tap "See all of your books" to list them (see next photo).

Here you can see books in "list view". Alternatively, you can select grid view, which displays larger images as "tiles" to fill the screen.

Sliding your finger up or down the screen will scroll the list. Unfortunately, the Kindle Fire lacks the processing power to scroll smoothly so it's rather jerky. You have to be patient.

Tapping on a book icon will open it for reading.

You can download and install Apps from the App store. In this photo you can see "Facebook", "Messenger", "Dropbox" and "Skype" have been added.

The Kindle Fire also has a web browser "Silk Browser" and an email App, which I found very easy to set up.

At the right hand side is a MicroSD slot to add storage up to 128GB. I have fitted a 16GB MicroSD card since the 800 books that I have loaded have used up most of the internal storage.

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