My 10 Watt LED floodlight stopped working. All I could see was a very dim glow at night. I disconnected it and moved it to my workshop.

The fault was obvious. One of the surface-mount LEDs had burnt out.

I removed the glass and the aluminium reflector to expose the aluminium Printed Circuit Board. This sucks heat away very quickly as it is in thermal contact with the aluminium case. You can see the white heatsink compound that has squeezed out around the edges.

The heatsink makes it impossible to desolder components without a hot-air solder pencil, which I don't own (yet).

So I soldered a piece of wire to short-circuit the faulty LED. It is connected in series with the other LEDs so this bodge allows them to work.

To reduce the current, I cracked off the resistor labelled "39R" (it was actually 910 Ohms) and replaced it with a 1200 Ohm resistor.

The lamp is now working again but I don't know how long it will last!

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