MGE Nova AVR 250 UPS Failure

Following a surge on the 220 volt mains during a thunderstorm, my Nova AVR 250 failed and, in doing so, wiped out an expensive battery charger, too. Thankfully, my computer wasn't damaged!

This track on the underside was vaporized so I soldered a wire across.

The track on the upper side was also vaporized so I soldered a wire across. The two 1N4007 diodes on the left were short-circuit so I replaced them.

The protection devices appeared to be undamaged. (These are the parts that are supposed to sacrifice themselves!)

Unfortunately, my efforts to repair this unit were in vain. So let this be a warning to all! The Nova AVR-250 has inadequate protection agains power line surges so you must always unplug it when a storm is expected - which somewhat defeats its purpose.

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