Pan Lid Repair - DIY

Pan lid knob "just fell off"

The knob of this pan lid has an internal spigot, which is drilled and tapped to take a 4mm bolt. The spigot snapped off.

Luckily, the knob itself has enough solid depth for me to drill a further 8mm down without breaking through. I did this task on my bench drill, with the depth limit set so that the drill bit couldn't break through the top of the knob.

I modified a self-tapping screw by grinding it 4mm shorter (it was slightly too long and the next size down was too short).

I ground flats to create cutting edges then used it, with a little grease, to secure the knob back onto the lid.

The final result is quite secure and my wife no longer has an excuse to buy a new set of pans!

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