Relay 321919505A Replacement

How to replace this relay with a standard type.

This special VW relay incorporates a diode inside, which is connected to pin 87a.

See diagram, below.


 In a standard 5-pin relay, pin 87a is connected to the "normally off" relay contact. The contact which is "on" when the relay coil is not energised. DO NOT replace 321919505A with a standard 5-pin relay!

Instead, replace it with a 4-pin relay rated at 12 volts and 40 Amps current.

Connect a 1N5400 (or any 1N540x) diode externally between the two wires that feed pins 86 and 87a. See diagram, below. Be sure to connect the cathode end of the diode (band) to the wire that feeds pin 86.


If you don't know how to do this safely, please ask an auto electrician to do the work.

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