Is There an Afterlife?

I've been researching this for only a year and I'm already convinced that we carry on after physical death. I have to say that it has been quite a shock to switch from a confirmed atheist to a - what can I call myself now? I'm certainly not religious and I'm in no doubt so I'm not even a believer. I simply know, now, that my immortal consciousness is separate from the physical body and merely inhabits it for a (relatively) short time.

For those who are unconvinced, I can only suggest that you continue the research and read more.

It is advantageous to know and understand the concept because, once you leave your physical body, your consciousness creates its own reality. If you believe in hell (or nothing) then that's the environment which you will create for yourself.

Most of my research has been done via the Internet. I've included a list of books, below.

I have also watched many You-Tube videos about Near Death Experiences and the Afterlife.

One thing you must understand when looking for "proof". The "soul" or "spirit body" is just a bundle of energy as far as our physical world is concerned. As such, it's generally impossible (or only just possible) for it to have any influence on physical objects and communication is difficult. So you won't find any written evidence (at least not written by spirits themselves). Most communication is between spirits and suitably receptive human minds. This means that you always have the problem that those human minds might be hallucinating or simply making it up. Only specific facts will fulfil the need for evidence and they must be facts that could not have been obtained otherwise. Even then, some mediums have been accused of using telepathy, rather than communicating with spirits. Well, OK, even telepathy is paranormal so you can't ignore it. The best evidence I've seen is where the spirit directs us to a physical object that he/she hid or buried while still alive.

Anyway, here's my list of books. It's not exhaustive. I'm still buying books but there's a limit to how many I can read in a month!

Afterlife - Colin Wilson

Messages from the Afterlife - Mark Ireland

Soul Shift - Finding Where the Dead Go - Mark Ireland

The Conscious Universe - Dean Radin PhD

Proof of Heaven - Eben Alexander

Evidence of the Afterlife_ The Science of NDEs - Jeffrey Long MD; Paul Perry

On The Edge of Etheric - Arthur Findlay

Spirit Intercourse - James Hewat McKenzie

Destiny of Souls - Michael Duff Newton

Journey of Souls - Michael Duff Newton

Far Journeys - Robert A. Monroe

Journeys Out of the Body - Robert A. Monroe

Ultimate Journey - Robert A. Monroe

Between Death and Life  - Dolores Cannon

The Custodians - Dolores Cannon

Keepers of the Garden - Dolores Cannon

They Walked with Jesus - Dolores-Cannon

Jesus and the Essenes - Dolores Cannon

Legend of Starcrash - Dolores Cannon

Regression to Times & Places - Brian Weiss (Audio)

Same Soul, Many Bodies - Brian Weiss

Many Lives Many Masters - Brian Weiss

Through Time Into Healing - Brian Weiss

Messages from the Masters - Brian Weiss

Only Love Is Real - Brian Weiss

The World Unseen - Anthony Borgia

Life in The World Unseen - Anthony Borgia

Heaven and Earth - Anthony Borgia

Here And Hereafter - Anthony Borgia

More Light - Anthony Borgia

Glimpses of Eternity - Raymond Moody

Voyages Into the Unknown - Bruce Moen

Voyage Beyond Doubt - Bruce Moen

Near Death Experiences - Birk Engmann

Adventures Beyond The Body - William Buhlman

Adventures in the Afterlife - William Buhlman

The Fun of Staying in Touch - Roberta Grimes

Overcome the Fear of Death - Russell - Symonds

Seth Speaks - Jane Roberts

The Nature of Personal Reality - Jane Roberts

Miracles Happen - Brian L. Weiss, M.D

Regression to Times and Places - Brian L. Weiss, M.D - Audio

Spiritual Progress Through Regression - Brian L. Weiss, M.D - Audio

Regression Through the Mirrors of Time - Brian L. Weiss, M.D - Audio

Healing Through Past-Life Regression - Mira Kelley - Audio

Past Life Regression - Dick Sutphen - Audio

Conversations with God - Trilogy - Neale Donald Walsch

Afterlife Encounters - Ordinary People Extraordinary Experiences - Dianne Arcangel

Consciousness Beyond Life, The Science of the Near-Death Experience - Pim van Lommel

Ghost Hunters William James and the Hunt for Scientific Proof of Life After Death (Deborah Blum)

Afterlife - Uncovering the Secrets - Barry Eaton

Conversations with History - Susan Lander

Dearly Departed - Georgina Walker

Backwards: Returning to Our Source for Answers - Nanci Danison


Books I have not read yet:-

The Presence Process - Michael Brown

Reincarnation - The Cycle Of Necessity - Manly P. Hall

Heaven and Hell - Emanuel Swedenborg

In God's Hand - Meher Baba (and 30 other books by him)

More Lives Than One_ A Biography of Hans - Jenny Williams

Mind Beyond Death - Dzogchen Ponlop

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