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Colouring Message Subject Lines

A less trivial example is that you might want to colour a message before or after you've read it so that you can see its status at a glance. Mail ActOn automatically installs a rule that will colour messages red. All you need to do is copy it for different colours.

To colour or file a message easily you need to download and install "MailActOn".

(Please read the notes before installing)

Once it is installed, relaunch Apply Mail and click OK at the dialog you see.

Now select any message and hold [ctrl] and press [r]. This will change the message title background to red. Go into Mail > Preferences > Rules and edit the rule "Act-On: r | Color Message Red" so that it colours the "text" and not the background. (I think this looks less garish than colouring the background).

You can create identical Rules, for example "Act-On: y | Color Message Yellow" so that holding [ctrl] and pressing [y] makes the message title line text yellow.


For more hints and tips please buy the eBook, "Take Control of Apple Mail", by Joe Kissel. It's very cheap and worth every cent!

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