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Apple Mail Tips

How to edit received messages


Received mail can be edited by dragging it into the "Drafts" folder and opening it (double-click) there. However, it then becomes a "ready to send" message so the "From" address becomes your address (the original From address is lost) and links can be edited but are no longer blue-underlined and clickable. So when I do this I first copy the sender's address to the clipboard. I drag only a COPY of the message to "Drafts" by holding the [alt] key down while dragging. I open the message and paste the sender's address into the message body and into the "Reply-to" field (normally hidden - click on the little "envelope" to the left of "Account". Then I edit the message and Subject line, as required, and send it to myself.  On arrival, the "Reply to" address is correct and the links are clickable and I can delete the original. However, the "From" address is incorrect - it appears to come from yourself. This can be fixed - if you really want to - but it requires more work. Here's how it can be done:

Download and install the free version of SubEthaEdit.

Download and install "NotLight", which is also free and works like "Spotlight", only better.

Copy a unique phrase from your incoming message and paste it into "NotLight". Set the search folder to be your Mail folder, which is located at

home -> Library -> Mail

Quit Apple Mail.

Search for the required message and, when found, double-click on it.

The folder in which it resides will be opened and the actual message file will be highlighted.

Right-click and open it in SubEthaEdit. You can now change absolutely anything, including the "From" email address. Save it.

Now launch Apple "Mail" and drag the message to wherever you want it.

(If you have a better method, please let me know so I can add it here.)

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