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Apple Mail and Eudora

I'm thinking about moving from Eudora to Mail. Things that I can't get Mail to do that maybe it can but I haven't figured out how:

1. Scroll page up and page down in the messages LIST, not the messages. I don't want to use the mouse. (In Eudora, I can use function-arrow for this.)

Cursor in the Preview window, two fingers on the trackpad and flick up or down to scroll up or down (Machine & OS dependent).

Control-page up and -page down do that.

2. Filter messages not just on incoming or on outgoing, but a selected subset at a selected time.

As in 'Find' in mail and then if you wish save the results as a smart search?

Messages > Apply Rules (it's also an option in the contextual menu)

3. When I click on links, they open in Firefox, but when I control-click and select "Search in Google," Mail uses Safari. (Relatedly, so does the options from the Services menu.) Can I change that?

Odd. What is your default browser set to in the Safari preferences?

Open Safari, Preferences, and set the Default Web Browser in the General pane.

4. In Eudora, if I option-click on a name or a subject in the message list, it will group all the similar messages together temporarily. Can Mail do that (not just color them, but group them together)?

Threading is the closest. A simple click of the Threads/No Threads button in the Mail toolbar

This is definitely the thing I miss most from Eudora. It's not threading, it's that you can option-click on any column, and it will group together messages with the same value for that column.

If you click on a message in your list, then in the title line above the list, the sort function you want, From, To, Subject etc. It will group all of the messages in the category you select.

5. In Eudora, if I type a person's name and then command-alt-comma, it will expand to their name and email address, saving me from going to the header, typing, and then cutting and pasting when I have to send someone someone else's address. Does Mail have an equivalent shortcut?

Start to type the name in the Cc: box. Select the required name by clicking somewhere. Click and hold on the little arrow that appears in the pale blue oval surrounding the name and select "Copy Address". Hit delete then paste into the message. It's a bit convoluted but quickly becomes second nature if you do it often!

6. When I select a whole bunch of messages in Eudora, the counter at the bottom tells me how many are selected, and it always tells me how many are in each box . Does Mail have a way to do that (I know on the left in the mailbox list it shows how many unread messages there are, but how about how many total or how many selected)?

Begin to drag the selected group of messages in the usual way. The "count" of messages will appear in a red circle. Stop dragging and the number disappears. By the way, did you know that you can select a group of messages by clicking on the top one then pressing [arrow down] repeatedly while holding [shift] ? (Goodness knows why you'd want to do it this way but there it is!)


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