Unique Audio Products

UNIQUE silicone lubricant.

Tired of that scratchy sound as the loudspeaker voice coil touches the magnet on peak transients?

Order SIL00784 at £49.95 for 2cc


Use our UNIQUE silicone lubricant. Supplied in a handy syringe with a 0.1mm needle, this applicator allows you to feed the oxygen-free silicone lubricant directly through the centre dust cover of the speaker.

extra-strong fuse is spiral-wrapped

Sick of fuses blowing? This extra-strong fuse is spiral-wrapped with titanium wire that will never melt. ideal for those tricky pieces of audio equipment that use a lot of power.

Order STR-FUS007 at £9.95


Gold plated 13 Amp fuse filters out unwanted interference

AMAZING Gold plated 13 Amp fuse filters out unwanted interference from the mains power supply.

Order GOLFUS at £19.99


TurbiKords definitely eliminate system sound fluctuation

NEW! Ring-main cable replacement - by popular demand

The quality key of our TurboKords is GULLIBELL's nearly unique cable weave...


...which is believed to reduce dramatically Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) (which is found on all mains supplies) and to prevent further absorbtion of RFI.

Distortion levels within audio equipment are enormously reduced, allowing you experience a sound that is vastly more clear and pure, dynamicer and far more detailed.

TurbiKords definitely eliminate system sound fluctuation and help to create an ultra-quiet noise floor, allowing unbelievable dynamics, lower bass and zero high frequency distortion. Listen out for a quieter noisy floor (expect more dynamic music and greater detail if you wish) and a much more condusive musical experience on your iPod.
Order TurdyKord at £49.95 for a 2m length.

  • GULLIBELL's unique woven cable
  • 36 Ultra-pure copper conductors insulated with Tuflon™
  • Includes central Earth wire colored yellow


  • Number of conductors - 37 (18 Live & 18 Neutral, colour coded red & black) plus earth
  • Total live or neutral conductor diameter - 17mm
  • Conductor material - Hyper-Pure OFC Copper
  • Cable rating - 300A (77.65A per mm @ 200ºC)
  • Central Earth wire - 15.5mm
  • Total cable diameter - 100mm
  • Insulation - Tuflon dielectric

The cable is supplied with individually insulated conductors (no outer insulation). For ring-mains installation, the cable must be double insulated, and can be provided at extra cost.

Note: only a fully-trained (2 week "how to climb a ladder course") engineer may install this cable.

Gold plated Scart lead

Gold plated Scart lead. In this unique product, the pins, metal shrouds and individual platinum wire strands have been coated with FIFTY microns of 7 carat gold...


Order GOLSCA at just £524.95

...ensuring the highest possible resistance to corrosion and oxygen migration which could affect the picture colours that you see and hear.

Double-shielded individual wires. Attenuation factor 27dB/m at 2GHz. Audio range 0.5Hz - 500kHz. Fully locking - impossible to remove once inserted into socket (no more worries about her accidentally disconnecting it while hoovering!) Supplied with a certificate of conformity to BS2011 part 2.1da.


  • Automatically corrects the color balance problems associated with the NTSC system (does not correct the spelling).
  • Ideal for use with plasma screens (prevents and removes the effects of screen bum - sorry, screen burn).
  • Makes your Sky-SD pictures look like Sky-HD High Definition!
  • Not guaranteed unless the mating socket pins have a similar plating (ask us about our unique mail-order gold plating service.)
  • Not compatible with Nicam stereo signals or Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Length 0.3 metres (1 foot).
  • Compatible with Windoze 98 or better (preferably MacOSX).
  • Enhances brightness and sharpness and dullness.
  • RGB wired for perfect color separation
  • All 23 pins fully wired with bidirectional 75 Ohm double-screened oxygen free platinium wire.
  • Solid magnetic gold shield ensures freedom from pixelation and blocking.
  • Audio wires from pins 1,2, 3 and 6 ensure full Dobly® Digotal quadraplegic 7.1 sound with maximum bass, shimmering highs and unbelievable mid tones.

Order GOLSCA at just £524.95

Which iPod? says
"This is the sort of music player we could only dream of ten years ago. The sound is rips and the picture is truly AV quality".

Babe Magazine? says
"Fully rounded performance which fairy shrieks quality at you. The highs and lows are what we've cum to expect from this girl who, although a little short, is a real beaut!"

Gold plated UK mains lead

Gold plated UK mains lead. In this unique product, the pins, metal shrouds and individual platinum wire strands have been coated with FIFTY microns of 7 carat gold, ensuring the highest possible resistance to corrosion and oxygen migration which could affect the audio quality.

Order GOL50ALEAD at £213.95


A 50 Amp gold-plated fuse is fitted to ensure the highest audio quality from your ghetto-blaster or CD player. Beryllium-copper contacts reduce the frequency lag phase shift normally experienced with a record player fitted with a sapphire stylus. Hi-Def LCD screens suffer less pixellation and audio lag. Also removes Macrovision pulses to allow recording of your DVDs. Go on - buy it! It will brighten your top range and tighten up your b.ass.

Gold-plated HDMI cable

Gold-plated HDMI cable uses magnesium diboride conductors and has a carbon fibre sheath for maximum strength and water resistance up to 300 fathoms. Ideal for underwater filming. In dry weather, keep cable moist to avoid cracking.

Gold-plated HDMI cable 100m long.

Voted "cable of the year" by "What HD Screen" magazine readers.

Order HDMI0362-100m at £599.95


Ideal for High Definition TV. Most people don't realise that the "digital" data is carried by an analogue signal. As there is no error correction in HDMI you can get degradation in colour quality, which may appear as digital noise on screen.

In the worst case, the HDCP threshold decision margin can fail totally, with resultant loss of picture. This happens only with a long cable length or a poor connection but it's more common than you might expect. For a cheap cable, "long" might be only a few meters.

In contrast, our unique HDMI cable is almost totally lossless as it uses a superconductor material called magnesium diboride which exhibits zero resistance at 39 degrees. Consequently, transmitting high quality digital signals over a 100 metre length is no problem at all. In addition, it's plated with 78 carat berillium-gold to give minimum "skin-effect" resistance at high frequencies, thus minimising degradation of the square-wave leading edges and ensuring accurate threshold decision for every digital bit transmitted.

Power surges and lightning strikes

Power surges and lightning strikes can damage or reduce the life of home entertainment and other electronic equipment. Did you know simply switching appliances on and off can create potentially harmful electrical imbalances?

The Belting ShureAV Home Theater Serge Protector is your premiere solution for clean, safe power and the industry's best in construction, ratings, and safety standards.

The decades of research and power protection development have led us to the release of this breakthrough series. Using advanced design elements and top-quality construction as well as superior circuitry, including 2500-volt POV gold-plated components, the ShureAV Home Theater Serge Protector offers the most complete protection from power surges, AC contamination, and spikes available. All socket connectors are plated with 56 carat platinum-gold and are ROhC compliant. "Dramatic improvement in picture quality" reports Mr H Dude of the Digital Pie factory. "Unbelievable audio" writes N Goodbody. "I wouldn't be without my protection" says Ms J Birkin.


As the leading developer of surge protection solutions, Belting manufactures and rigorously tests all its products in Chinese factories to ensure your equipment will be safe from harmful electrical imbalances.

UNIQUE UV-TAPE to seal the connections

What's the point of buying oxygen-free copper cable if the oxygen gets in as soon as you expose it to air?


Use our UNIQUE UV-TAPE to seal the connections. This self-amalgamating tape emits strong ultra-violet radiation which converts harmful ozone into ordinary sea water.
Important: Eye protection should be worn when using this product.
Note: Ozone emitted by photocopiers and laser printers can overload this tape and render it useless.
Order UVT0095 at £37.50 for a 2 metre roll.

Oxygen-Free Bidirectional copper cable

Oxygen-Free Bidirectional copper cable.
This UNIQUE product consists of twin multi-stranded cores, each of which comprises 45 strands of 0.2mm oxygen-free antimony-copper wire.
Order NOOX001 at £55.00 for a 30 metre roll.


Each strand is individually sealed with a protective flexible urethane varnish. The double-twisted strands are arranged so that bidirectional current flow can take place with electrons able to move in BOTH directions (electrons move through the copper while positively charged "holes" move through the antimony). Automatically corrects for out of phase speakers. Achieve unbelievable listening quality with brighter treble and rounder bass.
Important: Connections should be made in a nitrogen chamber as exposure to air can damage this cable (see UVT0095 above).
Note: Not to be placed closer than 900 mm from strong magnets.

oxygen-removing aerosol spray

Ox-Away Aerosol
When everything else fails, our oxygen-removing aerosol spray can solve your problems.

Order OXAW008 at £367.00 for 20cc aerosol.


If you don't have a nitrogen chamber in which to work, simply spray the connections with UNIQUE Ox-Away before applying our UNIQUE UV-TAPE. As this product contains platinum (as used in car exhaust catalytic convertors) and gold, plus other precious metals, we recommend that you lock it away when not in use.
Warning: Contains poisonous heavy metals. Wear protective clothing and breathing equipment if using indoors.

Lithium Trioxide cells to provide 6.3 volts AC.

Sick of hearing that filament hum from your valve amplifier during the quiet passages? Our UNIQUE Supercell battery uses Lithium Trioxide cells to provide 6.3 volts AC.

Order BAT6V3 at £49.95


Fit it and forget it! This battery regenerates automatically when not in use. Gold-plated contacts ensure freedom from crackle. Guaranteed free from Cadmium, Mercury and Oxygen. (Contains arsenic and Lithium Trioxide).
Warning: Operating temperature 0 - 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Use of this battery outside its specified temperature limits can cause venting or explosion. Dispose of safely.

improve the sound of your loudspeakers

Kapak wool can improve the sound of your loudspeakers AND protect them from the harmful bacteria that cause the cone surrounds to rot.

Order KAP0032 at £69.95 per cu metre


The UNIQUE blend of rock wool fiber is impregated with radioactive Tritium which causes it to emit Alpha rays as well as actinic ultra-violet. This combination kills living tissue, making it ideal for combatting bacteria.
Warning: Protective clothing should be worn. We recommend fitting lead shielding inside the loudspeaker housings to prevent unwanted escape of radiation.
Note: a license may be required for this product. Please consult your local Nuclear Fuels Inspectorate.

ideal for sealing loudspeaker cabinets

Our UNIQUE Silicone Rubber in a handy pump-action applicator is ideal for sealing loudspeaker cabinets. Keeps Oxygen out and Radioactivity in.
Order SIL0043 at £32.75 for 400g tube with applicator.


The special silicone RTV is filled with lead particles, giving it a characteristic grey colour (other colours available on request).
Note: acetic acid evolved during curing. May cause skin irritation.

Unidirectional filter forces electrons to travel one way

Unidirectional filter forces electrons to travel one way! Simply fit one UNIQUE filter in each speaker wire (two per speaker) and hear the difference. Gold plated and mercury-free screw connections.

Order FIL0072 at £27.75 per pair


Lead-free, oxygen-free, copper-free Solder

Lead-free, oxygen-free, copper-free Solder
In 2002 legislation made it illegal to sell products containing lead. This solder is a unique blend of tin, antimony, silver and platinum.

Order SOL0018 at £36.25 per 10oz reel.


Guaranteed free from harmful lead, copper and oxygen. Supplied in a sealed container.
Gauge: 22swg
Melting temperature: 950 degrees Celcius (number 15 Weller tip required).
Flux: Trichloroisocynate (wear breathing apparatus).

TV Products

TV signal too weak?

TV signal too weak?

You need our unique "SuperBoost" digital amplifier which boosts signals so weak that ordinary amplifiers can't even detect them!

Ideal for High Definition TV using an indoor aerial. Even works in cellars.

Only £395


NOTE: All prices are in pounds. If you prefer prices in kilogrammes please ask
(Thanks to Ed in NY for this suggestion)

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