Battery Pack for iPod Touch

(An iPod Touch is an iPhone without the phone!)

I bought a battery pack for an iPhone 4, which is 4mm longer than my iPod Touch. There's a couple of sellers on eBay but I got mine from a seller called "charmstalk". It was listed as:

1900mAh External Backup Power Battery Case Charger Skin Cover for iPhone 4 4G 4S

You can see that the camera lens is not visible in the "keyhole".

To make it fit, I marked off the two "legs" of the sliding top section and the top of the battery housing.

I removed those 4mm sections with a hacksaw.

I also sawed off the plastic clip, which would otherwise prevent it from closing.

Now it's the correct size and the camera lens is visible.

The final job is almost perfect.

The volume control and on-off buttons are just about operable if you have slim fingers.

The battery pack comes with a USB lead whose plug matches my Kindle so now I don't have to carry an Apple charger lead around.

The battery pack keeps my iPod-Touch going for an extra day or two - dependent on whether I leave it in "airplane mode".

One drawback is that, when the battery voltage falls to a certain point (1 LED light glowing) the iPod-Touch starts to bleep continuously. At this point, I have to flick the little switch OFF on the battery pack, which can be annoying at times.