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Vauxhall Cavalier Electric window maintenance tips...

Over the last few months I noticed that putting the electric windows was getting harder and harder for the little electromotor so I rescued it quite a few times by helping it by quickly raising over to the passenger side and helping it slightly by pushing it down. Finally, I got so fed up explaining that I didn't want to fork out a (no-doubt extreme) amount of dosh at the local Vauxhall dealer to replace the motor with a new one, so I took of the door panelling and greased all moving parts.

Martin advised me to use a a non-lithium grease since this is hygroscopic (his words not mine!) which absorbs water, which you obviously want to avoid in the inner part of your door, but use something equivalent to a Castrol CL grease.

Start with removing the trim of the door handle by poking a screwdriver behind it. It will come of fairly easily.





Take the four screws out with a medium size cross-screwdriver.

In the roadmap holder, at the top (indicated with the arrow) you'll feel a clip which you'll have to push inwards in order to release the 'click'-mechanism.



So far the easy part; the whole panel is clicked in with some kind of 'mount once, impossible to remove after'-mechanism. You'lll feel, by gently pulling, where the panel is mounted to the door. With some force I pulled to panel towards me, releasing the 'rivets' one by one. As a result that some of the 'rivets' remained in the door, other stuck to the panel....

The plastic pieces that you've now ripped of the panel, need to be glued back....I used hobby glue which worked fine. See in the picture the glue setting. Thanks GM for this great construction...

There are quite a few mounting points so if you ripped off only one or two you could consider not bothering gluing them back on I suppose.

That's it, you've completed the difficult part! Now remove the film which is kept in place with some sticky substance and apply some grease to the moving parts. Remember to move your window up-and-down to reach all places and verify that things start to work smoother.


Mounting the parts back together shouldn't be too difficult. I had to wait a day for the glue of the 'rivets' to settle. By the way, putting the white 'rivets' in the black holders on the panel and and clicking the door panel back in place worked fine for me.

The whole exercise took me probably just over an hour. I guess that doing the other side could now be done in half the time if you've done it once.

Hans van Kempen