Rules for a Happy life

Ever wondered what was going on? Why so many people are poor, starving, sick, but mostly living longer? Is there a conspiracy?

Well, I'm not convinced that there's a big conspiracy but I do think there's a lot of little ones. I think that people who own big businesses make decisions based mainly on profit-making. Most people who are high-up in government own - or get dividends from - big businesses, either currently or in the future, whether they admit it or not. So there's always the possibility of a subconscious decision made on the basis of increasing their personal wealth. They wouldn't be human otherwise.

I don't blame anyone for being human but there are things you should do if you want to live a healthy, stress-free life.



Health professionals make money from your illness. It's in their interest to keep you alive but to keep you just sick enough so you need their services. This is not to say that doctors, nurses etc. are crooks but that you should consider the fact that "the health system", as a whole, is designed to make money from you. The sooner you get well, the less money you put into "the health system". Once you are in hospital, you might catch mysterious illnesses that keep you there or make you return again and again. Surgery may go wrong, so the original problem is fixed but another one arises.

Your goal: eat healthily. Keep fit. Try not to get injured or ill. On no account increase your risk by sunbathing, smoking, taking drugs, working in dangerous jobs, playing violent sports or visiting places which are dangerous or have widespread disease. The biggest risk is NOT that you will die early (although you might) but that you will live a long, unhappy life - probably with long-term illness or disability and pain.

Already smoking? Download and read this report.

Already overweight or diebetic? Download and read the report on this page.



Pharma companies make money from your illness. It's in their interest to keep you alive but to keep you just sick enough so you need their services. This is not to say that pharmacists are crooks but that you should consider the fact that pharmaceutical drugs are designed primarily to make money from you. The sooner you get well, the less money you put into "the health system". So it's likely that an unscrupulous business might design drugs that you have to keep taking over and over, instead of providing a complete cure. In addition, most drugs have side effects so you have to take more drugs to combat them.

Your goal: as above. Avoid risk. Avoid the need for pharmas. If you do need medication, do careful research to determine whether there's a real cure available. Sometimes a simple change of diet is all you need.

Note: antibiotics, either prescribed or as found in meat products, can kill your natural "gut flora" (bacteria in your intestines). The result may be that yeast flourishes instead. The symptoms caused by yeast turning your intestines into a brewery, to produce alcohol and other toxins, include: excessive wind, bloating, gut pain, aches, light-headedness or even feeling drunk and general malaise. A quick cure may be achieved naturally by taking a level teaspoonful of sodium bicarbonate (aluminium-free type) dissolved in water, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Drink it through a straw put to the back of the tongue if you don't like the salty taste. At the same time, avoid acidic juices and vinegar (yeast flourishes in an acid environment).



Companies make money by locking you into a contract with repeat payments. They usually make it difficult to cancel so that you have to pay each month for a minimum period of a year. They will then offer you incentives such as "an upgrade", which will automatically start a new contract to lock you in for another year or more! This type of contract will increase your stress levels and reduce your wealth. Think long and hard because you can usually do without it.

Your goal: avoid contracts with repeat payments.


Borrowing Money

Banks make money from interest payments. It's in their interest (excuse pun) that you owe them money. The more you borrow, the more interest you pay. Once you are indebted to the banks, you may find that more and more loans are offered so they keep you indebted. You may never be able to pay off your debts.

Your goal: avoid the need to borrow money.



The government wants to get as much tax out of you as possible. It wants you to "have a job" so that you earn money to pay taxes. It doesn't want you to know how much tax you pay so it will split up the tax with different names like "income tax", "health insurance", "value added tax", "council tax", "road tax", TV licence" and so on. If you are incapable of earning money, the government will pay as little as possible to keep you alive in the hope that you'll earn in the future. It will pressure your family into putting you into a "rest home" so they pay for your care, including tax.

Your goal: organise your life so you pay as little tax as possible.



Utility companies are like undertakers. You can't do without them. If your home uses electricity, gas, oil etc. then you'll pay lots of money for it.

Your goal: buy equipment that uses the lowest amount of energy. Avoid buying equipment that you can do without. Spend plenty of money on insulation to minimise heat loss. Paint your walls and ceilings white so you can use dimmer bulbs. Choose lighting that uses the lowest amount of energy. (Any bulb with a filament uses a LOT of energy.) Generate your own electricity.



There's an interesting dilemma, here. One the one hand, the government needs to keep you dumb so that they can control you more easily. On the other hand, they need an educated elite to carry out important intellectual work, such as design and development, without which the economy will stagnate.

Your goal: educate yourself as best you can. Resist peer pressure to remain dumb. Nothing good will come from being unable to speak and write flawlessly in your own native language (and, preferably, other languages, too). People who can't communicate really well are easily fooled into parting with their hard-earned cash. The same applies to numeracy: if you can't understand utility bills, subscription agreements, loan agreements, etc. you WILL get fleeced.


Food & drink

Companies produce food to make money. It's in their interest to make food and drink that is appealing, so that you continue to buy it. If you were head of a company making food or drink, would you care about the harmful effects that it might have - other than as far as is necessary to avoid punishment?

Your goal: avoid food and drink that contains sugar/fructose, alcohol, or pharmas or chemicals. I'm sure that I don't have to list them; you know what I'm referring to. You probably give them to your children every single day "to keep them happy". (What you are probably doing is condemning your children to a lifetime of illness, disability and unhappiness.) Buy fresh local produce and cook it yourself. Don't eat large portions. Don't eat between meals. Avoid getting hooked on eating out too often or "treats". You (and your children) will actually feel happier and healthier without those "treats".

Note: the human body has evolved over millennia to cope with a certain amount of animal meat and fat. It has NOT evolved to cope with refined sugar, syrup, chemicals such as artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Sugars get converted to fat for storage. Some chemicals get stored in that fat. If you want to maintain a healthy (low) weight, avoid all refined sugars and syrups. They are in almost all processed food.

Jon Smith

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