If you are renovating or building a house, you must read this!

Most electricians are competent at standard electrical wiring. However, many are totally clueless about installing other types of cable, such as coaxial. I have seen houses where the aerial cable has been "daisy-chained" from one TV socket to the next, like an electric ring-main.

Whilst this is fine for a ring-main, it won't work for coaxial cable carrying high-frequency signals.

In addition, any electrician that you employ to install coaxial cable is likely to buy the cheapest he can get. This is frequently unsuitable for digital terrestrial and certainly won't work for satellite.

So do yourself a favour and read about the various cable types available. As a minimum, you should be using double-screened cable.

Make sure that the person you employ understands your requirements exactly. If you will need a "Loft Box" or "Distribution amplifier" or a satellite "multiswitch", make sure the cables are arranged accordingly. Likewise for High Definition HDMI cables, CAT5 (Ethernet) cables, telephone cables, etc. Don't leave it to chance!

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