iPhone iPod-Touch Scam

There I was, checking the currency rates, when up popped a notice informing me that I needed to update my iPod-Touch. Without thinking, I clicked "update". OOPS!

This is clearly a scam. My iPod-Touch is NOT infected but this page has hijacked my "Safari" web browser. The "button" icons are unresponsive. How to get out of it?

  • Quit the page by pressing the mechanical button.
  • Go to "Settings".
  • Set "Airplane Mode" to ON.
  • Quit Settings.
  • Launch Safari.
  • Click "OK" to the OS message relating to the setting I just changed.
  • Click "OK" to (ha ha) begin the repair process (but WiFi is still OFF).

Now this screen appears BUT I now have access to the controls so I simply click the "bookmarks" icon (looks like an open book).

Now I can choose any bookmark and the web browser attempts to load that page. Of course it can't load yet because the iPod is still in "Aircraft Mode" so I return to "Settings" to re-enable WiFi, then back to the browser and the selected page loads.

Problem solved.

Note: had I not been able to select "Aircraft Mode", or set WiFi to OFF, I would simply have turned off my wireless router.

For the similar Mac scam, see http://tidbits.com/article/15777

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