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I'm no expert but even I managed to save money on insurance a few years ago. I had written off my car when I stupidly lost control (driving too fast) one rainy night. Luckily, I wasn't hurt but I had to hire a car then do battle with the insurance company!

I filled in the claim form and waited ... and waited. Eventually I received a letter from the insurors. They were willing to offer me a low amount, which was about two thirds of what I'd have to pay for a replacement car. I wasn't happy. However, this was an offer, yes? I didn't have to accept the first offer so I sat down and thought about it. I looked through a copy of "Auto Trader" and cut out all the adverts for similar cars to mine. I "cherry-picked" those with the highest asking price and pasted them all onto a sheet of paper.

Then I wrote a brief letter to the Insurance Company, asking them to reconsider my claim in light of the attached list of adverts.

Within a week I got a very pleasant surprise. Not only were they prepared to offer me more. The amount was greater than the price of any of the advertised cars!

As I say, I'm no expert but even I managed to save money so imagine what you might save if you read advice written by the insurance experts, below.

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