iPod-Touch iCloud password problem

My wife just bought a new iPod-Touch.

I "restored" the backup from her old iPod-T in iTunes and all seemed well until I checked iCloud. The email address that had been imported for that was an old one. I don't know how that happened but I assume that it came either from the keychain on the computer or on iCloud. (Later I disabled iCloud and erased all references to the old email in her Keychain.)

It was impossible to change the iCloud email address on the iPod-T and iCloud wouldn't function without a password. Obviously there was NO password because this email address was no longer registered with Apple!

I tried to erase the iPod-T in "Settings" but it demanded the iCloud password.

I tried to "Restore" the iPod-T in iTunes but a message informed me this was impossible because "Find my iPod" was activated and - guess what - to deactivate it I needed the iCloud password!

In desperation I phoned Apple Support and was told the following:-

  • Disconnect iPod
  • Hold off button on top edge
  • On-screen slider to off
  • Launch iTunes on Mac
  • Hold dished button at bottom of screen
  • Reconnect iPod to mac
  • Continue to hold button until iTunes message appears
  • Follow instructions on-screen to restore iPod

iTunes then downloads the iPod firmware and installs it, leaving a fresh-from-the-factory installation.

This didn't work at first attempt - we had to go out so maybe something timed-out or failed. (I suspect that the iPod-T needed the PIN and timed-out.) However, I contacted Apple Support and was told to try it again. I think the choice was "Restore and erase" or something like that. This time it worked and, since iTunes had already downloaded the firmware, it took only a few minutes.

Afterwards, we had to set up her email account manually on the iPod-T then import contacts, music, etc. "synchronise" from iTunes.

At this point it was OK to let iTunes make a new backup from the iPod-T.

For the record, the Apple Support lady was in Athens, Greece, (the nearest to me), spoke excellent English and was extremely patient and helpful.

I hope this information helps someone else.

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