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I cured my iPod Crackling Audio!

I have a generation 2 iPod. For some time the audio had been crackling, requiring frequent wiggling of the 3.5mm jack plug. Finally, the left channel disappeared altogether. Everything pointed to a disconnection of the socket so I searched for a repairshop. Apple's exchange plan was too dear for such an old model and a company in the USA could fix it for me but I'd be without it for at least a fortnight. (aagh!)

I found a UK company offering headphone socket replacement but, when I contacted them, they said they no longer offered the service. However, they kindly sold me a socket and I found a local repairshop to fit it.

For a while, it worked fine but, a week ago, the crackle returned and I've been continually wiggling the plug to keep left and right channels balanced. However, today, as I pulled out the plug, I noticed that it had black rings around the connections. That didn't look good. It took some fine polishing with "Duraglit wool" to bring back the shine on the nickel contacts. I put a drop of "WD-40" (Duck oil) on the plug and worked it in and out of the socket a few times.

This cured the audio problems completely! To make sure it doesn't oxidise again, I've smeared the plug with silicone grease and worked it into the socket as well.

I hope this little tale helps someone else. :-)

The iPod audio socket is notoriously unreliable!

July 28, 2005

I ordered a new battery for my 2xUSB 12" G3 iBook (72.69 + VAT) and one for my gen2 iPod (£12.55 + VAT). Cheapest on-line seller I could find was

Next day delivery for just £2.95 seemed pretty reasonable.

Batteries arrived today. I've fitted and charged them and they seem OK. No complaints, although the iPod battery arrived with a plastic tool and a Torx screwdriver that I couldn't find a use for (I used my penknife).

Both batteries arrived with reply-paid address labels for returning the dead batteries.

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