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Sending mail when out of town

Usually, if you try to send a message when away from your home connection, you'll see a message telling you that the server does not allow forwarding.

One workaround is to use your own Apple Mac as an SMTP server. This doesn't always work because some ISPs will dump your message into a black hole if they see that the IP address is from a dynamic IP address.

Anyway ..... you don't need to understand any of this in order to get it to work. I got it working on mine and I'm an email dumbo when it comes to the technical stuff. So don't worry. Just follow the instructions.

First you need to download "MailServe" from here:

Read the instuctions carefully. Most isn't relevant because you'll be using the default settings so, basically, all you do is to install "MailServe", launch it, and click on the "Enable Postfix" button. Then quit MailServe. The rest of the options are for people who understand what they are doing and want to do something other than send emails.

Now launch Apple Mail. Click on "Mail" and select "Preferences...".

At this point it's a good idea to click on "General" and set "Check for new mail" to [Manually], just so you don't get interrupted.

Now click on "Accounts" and hold down the "Option" or "Alt" key on your keyboard while you click the [+] button (bottom left of the Accounts window).

This will bring up a New Account window, which you fill in as follows:

For Email address, type your normal email address (or whateve email address you want your messages to appear to come from).

For "Full Name" you can use your own name, the name of your company or whatever.

You won't be using this account to collect mail so it doesn't matter what you type in the "Incoming Mail Server" boxes.

The Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) must be set to "localhost" because your own computer is acting as the SMTP server. Click on "Server Settings" to do this:

Click the "OK" button then click on "Advanced" to bring up the final window. Change the settings to look like this:

(In fact I don't think you need to check "Enable this account". Try it without. If it's checked, you might get an error message when it tries to download messages).

Anyway, that's it! Now when you want to send a message, make sure this account is selected in the drop-down list:

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