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Pace Javelin minibox fuzzy

I have sent a file "pacefault1".

The picture shows 4 faulty components which I need to replace on a pace javelin sky minibox.

Can you let me know if you stock replacement components?


Robert M

Hi, I'm sorry but the photo is out of focus. I can't see the components or the board designations. What are they and how did you measure them to determine the fault?

(After I'd written this reply, it occurred to me that I have a no-longer-required "Javelin" stashed away in the bedroom.)

Pace Javelin minibox clear

See what a difference an £80 digital camera makes? My Canon PowerShot A1200 is old and cheap but still does a better job than the average mobile phone in poor lighting.

Now we can see that the items in question are loops of wire with ferrite beads fitted.

Ferrite beads

This is what you get from a £30 USB microscope connected to a PC.

The "L" in the PCB designation confirms that they are used as inductors. My guess is that the circuit will work without them, as they are probably just used to reduce interference from the phone line.

The reflective substance is glue, which stops the ferrite beads from rattling.

USB microscope

USB microscope

Great for hobby photos and for those with poor eyesight.

TIP: If you use a mobile phone to take a picture, make sure you have as much light (preferably daylight) as possible on the subject, and hold the camera far enough away so the subject is in focus. Even though this will make the subject appear smaller, it will at least be in focus and you should be able to crop it to the size required.

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