Fix your Peugeot diesel additive. Repair your Peugeot diesel additive level. 307 diesel additive minimum?

Peugeot 307 Diesel additive minimum level

Below is the imformation needed to carry out the work if an error message appears: "Diesel additive minimum level"

Diesel additive minimum level for Peugeot 307

If this message appears then a simply procedure is needed to add the additive. Usually takes around 45mins

Health and Safety
Must wear gloves as this Eolys is an irritant and that care must be taken when handling this additive.

DISCLAIMER: If you are carrying out this work and following this procedure then you are carrying out this work at your own risk. No fault, errors or damage can be used as these notes are just for information. YOU USE THIS INFORMATION AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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Refill Kit

You need to purchase the refil kit and the Eolys (3L) from the Peugeot Dealer. You must give your chassis number to find the CORRECT eolys for your car. Usually around £80 as shown here.

Fig 1 (refill kit and 3L of Eolys)

Remove the black cover under the car near the back of the rear wheel on the passenger side. This can be done if you have jacked up the back passenger side of the car followed by undoing 3 nuts (advice, spray some oil and remove carefully). Once removed, you will see a white container (eolys container) with 2 black pipes.

Fig 2

Remove the black object with the 2 pipes feeding into the black object (just pull the black object out carefully). Next, depress the green button on either opposite sides and remove the pipes. Next insert the pipe feed from the refill kit, it will only fit into one pipe as shown in Fig 3


Fig 3 (attaching the refill pipe)

Next, pour the EOLYS additive into the small container and attach the red screw cap. Important to turn the handle in the red cap as this will allow the additive to pour. Lift the container high to allow the additive to pour into the Eolys tank.


Fig 4 (Refill pot containing the additive)

You should see the additive filling up. Once this completed, you need to visit a Peugeot or specialist garage that can reset the additive level.

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