Renovating Houses

Conservation and renovation are very popular today. The television is always showing programmes about doing up old houses. Do you fancy having a go yourself but don't know where to begin? Will you end up grossly out of pocket like so many of the families on TV? If you do your research beforehand to be quite clear what you are taking on there need be no problem. Remember a programme where all goes smoothly does not make compelling television.

These books give a good spectrum of basic information. They list tasks that will need expert help. They will tell you where and how to get the necessary paperwork done before you can start. Laws and regulations are explained.

Advice on external repairs is given. There are differences depending on whether you are working with brick, stone or wood. Are you going to brave the roof repairs yourself or do you need an expert? These books will help you decide this and many other issues.

The 10 Deadly Sins Of Renovating for Profit.

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Sell Your Home Alone

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Builder Secrets Exposed (UK)

Let's not kid ourselves here. We all know that Britain is full of rogue traders and cowboy builders looking for their next target yet most of us would like to believe it will never happen to us.

The facts though speak for themselves. According to the Governments own figures, shoddy workmanship and rip off cowboy

builders cost UK home owners £1.5 BILLION last year and ruined the homes AND lives of tens of thousands of people.

Home owners who like you simply wanted to improve and add value to their homes but ended up doing just the opposite.

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Real Estate Guide - How To Rent My House Guide!

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Real Estate Development Made Easy.

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