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Elworth Village

is on the Middlewich side of Sandbach.

100 yards past Abbey Road on Middlewich Road as you go out of town is St Peters Rise.

At the end of St Peters Rise, on Lawton Way, is Kwik-Save supermarket. Behind this is Elworth Hall primary school.

Elworth Hall estate is fairly modern, having been built around in the late 1970s.

Further out of Sandbach, Middlewich road becomes London Road in Elworth. Elworth Post Office was on the right (closed down April 2005). There's a new Pharmacy here now. On the left is a general store which sells groceries and food including sandwiches, hot pies, pasties and anything else you need to take away.

Just the other side of the zebra crossing is the newsagent and the hairdresser. Elworth village dates back to the end of the 19th century. The Railway Station is here. Both ERF and Foden had their offices here.

This was Elworth Post Office which was run by Fiona, usually helped by Kay. Apart from the usual stamps, cards and postcards you could buy childrens' toys and trinkets here.

Thanks to Royal Mail cutbacks, the Post Office was closed down in April 2005 and even the post box was removed!

If you walk up Green Street opposite the former Post Office you will find another general store and a Fish and Chip shop.

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