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Sandbach in Bloom

It's a mess!

Look around Elworth and you'll find gutters like this one everywhere. It doesn't take much effort to rake out these weeds twice a year. The ideal tool is one of those triangular headed scrapers that painters use.

Is there any wonder that elderly people find it necessary to walk in the road?

The sand has been removed by ants who burrow deep beneath the pavement to build nests. But the concrete slabs have not been cracked by bicycles! Only the weight of a motor vehicle can cause this type of damage.

And look at the grass verge which is creeping across the pavement.

Moments after I took this photograph, a cyclist rode by on the footpath next to the blue car. Who was in the wrong? Well, the cyclist could get a £20 fine and the motorist....? It's not actually illegal to park across a cycle lane or on a footpath - the Highway Code simply says "do not".

What about the white car opposite? Not only is he straddling a cycle lane and a footpath - he has had to drive some distance on the wrong side of the road to do it. Illegal? Nope, not unless the car is still there after dark.

So how should you park a car on this road? I guess you should park it on the other side of the broken white line in order to leave the cycle lane clear. Won't this inconvenience other motorists? Look at my eyes - see those crocodile tears