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How to create a Slide Show on an Apple Mac using OSX

Create a folder called "pics" on your Hard Drive.

Launch iPhoto. This comes free with OSX so I assume you have it. Load your desired photos into the application if not already there.

Click on the desired photos to select them. (Hold the Apple or "cmd" key down to add photos to the selection).

Click on the menu bar "Export...".

Click on [Web Page].

export photos
Change the title to "Slideshow" (or whatever you want your web page to be called).

Underneath "Thumbnail" tick "Show title".

Click (Export) button.

Select the desired destination folder ("pics" on your Hard Drive).

Now open that folder and you'll find a three folders and a file "pics.html".

Double-click on "pics.html" and it will open a page in Safari with your thumbnail image and title.

The actual images are in the folder "pics-Images".

The thumbnails are in the folder "pics-Thumbnails".

The folder "pics-Pages" holds copies of the original html page but each with a larger image instead of the thumbnail.

Clicking on the thumbnail image loads this alternative page into your browser.

You can upload this entire package of files to your web server. A link to "pics.html" (or whatever you care to call it) will get you to the photo album page.

Try adding comments to your pictures in iMovies and including the comments in the export. Experiment with different settings.

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