The Centre for Alternative Technology

The Centre for Alternative Technology

is a two and a half hour drive from Sandbach. You can get there by driving to Crewe, Nantwich, Wrexham then just before you reach Wrexham turn right for Oswestry. Join the dual carriageway and, having skirted around Wrexham, turn off the dual carriageway for Llangollen. At Llangollen cross the river and follow signs for Bala then Dolgellau. At Dolgellau follow signs for Welshpool until you turn right for Machynlleth. This road eventually takes you past the C.A.T. (Look for the windmills on the hill to the left).

From the car park you have a choice of ascending the hill by the phoenicular railway...

... or by the steeply winding pretty lane to the left of the railway.

This warm little house is made from straw bales and leads to...

...a maze of paths in the wood where you can follow the "ecological trail" to learn the good and bad things about our transport systems.

Another larger straw house was under construction when we visited.

Learn about solar panels which generate electricity from the sun and windmills which generate electricity from the wind.

Water power is also used to generate electricity. Wear your waterproof boots and clothing if you try this wave machine!

If you are feeling energetic, you can climb the path to look down on the Centre.

This is Collin on his way back down the hill.

See if you can find this strange edifice made of wood! What is it?

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