Fix your Peugeot horn. Repair your Peugeot horn. Faulty Peugeot horn? Intermittent horn?

Peugeot 307 horn intermittent not working

(Also applies to Peugeot 207, Citroen Berlingo and Partner van.)

I bought this car in 2009 and it had the intermittent horn problem from the start, despite a 300 Euro "service". Bashing the airbag would get it to work but, next day, it would be as bad as before.

It turned out to be a very common Peugeot fault and it's easy to see why. The clever Peugeot designer has put a brass or bronze tab in contact with a "mazac" (zinc alloy) casting - a combination known to suffer from corrosion problems! My simple answer was to clean up the contact surfaces with a "needle" file then apply a generous coating of silicone grease to keep out moisture and oxygen. (It's REALLY important to use silicone grease, otherwise this fix won't last, because the metal oxidises quite quickly. Please don't ask me if some other type of grease will work. My years of experience in the electronics industry were with silicone grease and I haven't tried other types of grease so I can't guarantee them.)

NOTE: several people have complained that they "can't see any corrosion" but my method still fixed the problem. The oxides that occur on zinc are often almost invisible to the naked eye so don't be surprised.

Fixing this horn is a really easy job and all you need is a flat-blade screwdriver (or a 3.5mm [minimum] diameter rod or Allen Key), a needle file or emery board (cut to fit), sandpaper, small pliers and a portion of silicone grease. You can use petroleum jelly instead, but it may not be quite as reliable because it oxidises and goes brown.

DISCLAIMER: The method used on this page is NOT recommended by Peugeot. It may cause problems with your airbag and could create other faults. However, it worked for me and it has worked for many others (see feedback below). YOU USE THIS INFORMATION AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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Last updated July 2, 2017



I welcome all feedback. If this worked (or didn't work) for you, please TELL ME your story so we can help others. I believe in freely sharing information! I will not reply to questions.

Everything I know is already on this page so please take the time to read it all.

If you have a QUESTION please post it in a FORUM. I do not answer questions via email because it's too time-consuming and I don't get paid for it. People invariably fail to state the tests that they have carried out (often none!) or to give essential information. Consequently, the emails go back ond forth for days or even weeks as I try to extract the necessary information to make a diagnosis. This discussion is far easier in a forum and allows others to post suggestions, too.

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Also see Diesel additive minimum level for Peugeot 307

You can find spares for Peugeot on eBay

Martin is a Technical Writer and has published eBooks For Amazon Kindle and

The Peugeot has a very complex system that needs to be rebooted once the battery has been disconnected. Open the bonnet then proceed as follows:-


(Do this if you disconnect the Peugeot battery for ANY reason at all. Even if you are simply fitting a new battery. Also disconnect the battery if you need to charge it from a battery charger - and follow this procedure. If you get an electrical fault for no apparent reason, disconnect and reconnect the battery, following this procedure.)

Switch off all equipment, interior lights etc., and close the doors, leaving the driver's window open.

Switch off the ignition and remove the key.

Wait a full 3 minutes before disconnecting the battery.

The car's computer must be allowed to go to SLEEP i.e. into "power save mode". Do not operate any equipment on the car during this time. Remember, even opening the bonnet will wake the computer on a car fitted with alarm.

See below for battery reconnection procedure.

The Peugeot 307

The Peugeot 307

Peugeot horn repair.

Disconnect the battery (-) negative terminal (rearmost). This is done simply by flicking up the lever and lifting off the entire connector.

Wait 30 minutes for the circuits to discharge. You don't want the airbag to explode in your face!

Before reconnecting battery, read instructions, below.

Peugeot battery

Find Peugeot spares on eBay

To remove the airbag and its plastic housing is simply a matter of pushing with a screwdriver or Allen key. See below.

There's a hole behind each of the two steering wheel spokes.

Push with a screwdriver

You can see a tiny portion of the screwdriver blade (red arrow pointing up at left of photo). The idea is to push the wire spring (blue arrow) to the right - see below.

The green arrow points down at the offending brass connector!

You can see the screwdriver blade

Pressing gently with the screwdriver will cause the wire spring to release the plastic hook of the airbag housing. Do this at both sides - see below.

(I'm showing you this with the Peugeot airbag housing already removed so you can understand what's happening, instead of poking around blindly as I did!)

Release the wire spring

While pushing the wire springs, PULL the airbag housing towards you. You might need to pull quite strongly! (You might be able to release one side at a time.) Some vehicles have a third spring at the bottom, which must be released first.

I didn't find it necessary to disconnect the airbag. It hung out of the way anyway. But don't let it strain the connections.

Use the screwdriver to press down on the brass lug while you grip it with a small pair of pliers and gently pull it out of the oblong hole in the metal casting.

Pull out the brass lug

Use a needle file to clean the surfaces of the oblong hole. A set of needle files can often be bought from a "Pound" or "Euro" shop.

Alternatively, a nail file or an emery board (cut in half, lengways) should suffice.

File the hole

Then use it to clean the contact surfaces of the brass lug - especially the edges.

If the wire snaps off the brass connector please solder it back in place.

Clean the contact surfaces

Apply silicone grease to the inside of the filed oblong hole and to the brass lug. Pull the U-shaped lug apart slightly to ensure a tight fit and push it into the oblong hole.

Press the airbag housing back into place in the steering wheel.

Apply silicone grease

The silicone grease is REALLY IMPORTANT because it will exclude air and moisture - preventing future oxidation of the contacts. You can also apply it to other connections in the car - especially the various small light bulbs.


You must always carry out the following procedure to minimise the possibility of the computer corrupting its own software when reconnecting the car's battery supply.

Ensure the procedure for battery disconnection has been adhered to and, importantly, everything is switched off and the driver's window left down.

  • Close all doors.
  • Remove ignition key if left in ignition.
  • Reconnect battery. DO NOT open any doors.
  • Wait 10 seconds.
  • Switch on headlights through the driver's window (you will usually hear a "bong").
  • Switch on ignition then start the engine and check system functions.

NOTE: Upon reconnection, if anything (e.g. interior light) is switched on, it could screw up the computer. Check carefully.

Before reconnecting, clean up both lead battery terminals with boiling water (and sandpaper if necessary) and apply a coat of silicone grease to them. Reconnect (-) negative terminal LAST. This is the lead that is bolted to the body metal (chassis).

Your horn should now work reliably and continue to do so.

(Mine was fine from 2009 until I sold it in 2015.)

Clean up both lead battery terminals

Below: the COM2000 module, complete.

Rarely, this can (allegedly) be the cause of a horn problem but please try the method above first. Nobody has ever reported to me that this method did not fix the problem! (If it doesn't work for you, please report to me the exact fault cause so that I can list it here. Please do not guess. Please get a written report from a qualified repairer.)

Failure is allegedly caused by breakage of a ribbon cable. Unfortunately, this is not usually repairable (but see feedback, below) so the entire unit must be replaced. Really poor design!

Left: the COM2000 Printed Circuit Board

Car tuning advice Click Here!

Pug 307 horn fix - worked a treat!!

Just a quick message here to say this method definitely works! I have just literally followed this on my newly acquired '03 plate 307 HDI 2.0 and she toots fine now!

Charlie Anstey


November 8, 2020

Thanks , fixed my horn with the advise regarding bad earth under airbag.

Also used a flathead screwdriver and turned it to stretch and therefore tighten the earth fitting.

Made my day.

simon a.

January 10, 2020

problema con la bocina Partner

Hola, tengo el mismo problema que otros Usuarios de Partner con la bocina. Me comentan que es un tema de corrosion en la masa de la bocina del volante. se puede agregar una masa externa que ayude con el problema ? donde se puede poner ? gracias por responder


Hola, Jorge. Lamentablemente, no conozco al "Partner". Sin embargo, si es igual a las fotos, entonces la respuesta es la misma.

December 9, 2019 Thanksful

Hi there! Im a 307 owner, yes it's now an old car but it was fine til the horn went dead by now. Your detailed explanation worked perfectly for me. Thanks a lot. Horn is great now! Not one of the mechanics that saw the car, could repair it. Thanks again from Spain. Josh.

Joshua Garcia

horn repair

followed the procedure and worked a treat. Only problem was extracting the brass spade crimp as it has a barb either side. The brass doesn't seem to have any springiness to it so when re-inserting so doesn't appear to provide any force on the mazac casting. Ended up stuffing small piece of cardboard in the middle of the lug to provide outward force. Not impressed by the use of this rubbish connector to provide a good wiping earth, they should have used a screw or small bolt or a tab to put a blade crimp onto. As an aside do you know if this crimp connectors are available anywhere?


See above where I tell you "If you have a question..."

If you are unhappy with the clip, fit a ring tag to the wire instead. Drill a hole in the metal casting and fasten the ring tag down with a self-tapping screw and lockwasher.

horn not working

hey . I tried an followed the guide . Still not working . I tried to take a loose cable and put one end on the steering wheel metal and the other end on a screw on the car . And the horn started . So the horn works but maybe some problem with the power to the steering wheel ? what do you think ?


The steering wheel is not meant to have power but it IS meant to have a ground connection to the car body. Maybe your steering column has no chassis connection?

See above where I tell you "If you have a question..."

Peugeot 207 HDI 2009 - Help

I have an issue with my horn (not peeping) on my Peugeot 207 diesel 2009 car. I tried to follow your guide but the steering wheel is different on the 207 from the pictures you have posted. I have taken some pictures of what I tried, but this did not resolve the issue with the horn.

I'm sorry but this guide is for the early Peugeot 307. I have never owned any other Peugeot (and never want to!)

Hello, and thank you for a very nice and detailed explanation.

Unfortunately it did not fix my non-functioning horn. Interestingly the ground wire behind the air bag on my car was a screw terminal, not a plug like in your pictures. I guess they changed the design.

I've also got an intermittent problem with my indicators, and the button on the end of that stalk doesn't work, so I'm guessing it's the COM2000 unit that needs replacing.

Kind regards,

Michael from Norway

(Model and year of manufacture not stated.)

August 25, 2018

My Peugeot 307 doesn't seem to be running properly since I mended the horn.

I followed your guidance on repairing the horn and it worked. Fantastic thank you very much. The only thing is the Engine doesn't seem to be running that well anymore: it seems like the engine wants to die on me as though it's running out of fuel. Would this be anything to do with the battery reconnection? I followed your guidelines and switched the interior lights and radio off before I disconnected the battery. But when I reconnected the battery I noticed the interior lights were on and I remembered you said it was important to turn them off. If I was to disconnect the battery again and follow your instructions again on reconnecting the battery would it solve the problem? It seems like the engine wants to misfire and when I put my foot on the accelerator is sort of misses. Do you have any advice? Thank you.

Thanks for your feedback. Click HERE.

June 12, 2018

To say thanks

Had a horn issue on daughters 307SW, your info was extremely helpful. Followed your detailed instructions and hey presto Horn works brilliant. Thanks again, it was so easy a fix as you stated. Regards Alan.

February 22, 2018

Peugeot 307 horn fix

Thank you so much - what a absolute champ. Now on to my whole left headlight not working.

Mako Tino

January 30, 2018

Horn problem on Pug 307 SW FIXED!!

Thank you so much for sharing this quick and easy fix. I have suffered frustration for MANY years pushing on my horn with no result - here in Malta the horn is an absolute necessity to warn off potential problem drivers as sometimes it's a free for all on the roads. It is also used a a means of communicating!

Anyway, to keep to the subject, after trawling the internet and resigning myself to having to change the whole switch assembly, yesterday I stumbled upon this site. I am an amateur DIY person with a keen interest in motor cars and a firm believer in the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid!!) and decided to give it a try. Followed your advice and job was done in under 30 minutes. Couldn't wait to try out the horn and what joy to hear the sound after so many years of intermittent operation and lately only thumps on the the steering column! Will probably pop over to the garage to check on it again as I can't believe it's FIXED. Thank you for your generosity in sharing.

John Saliba

January 27, 2018

Horn Repaired

Thank you for your advise, horn now working after following your procedure.

Maurice Williams

Peugeot 307 horn intermittent not working

Peugeot 307 horn has been intermittent for some years and then completely stopped working recently.

Garage said it was probably a ribbon failure in the COM2000 module and couldn't fix it. Offered to order another module.

Tried your fix and the horn works brilliantly now. Many Thanks Herb.

Herbert Booker

Yes, unfortunately some garage mechanics are either very ignorant or dishonest!

January 17, 2018

Worked for me.

Hi, my wife inherited her mum's 2003 Peugeot 307. The horn wasn't working. 2minute Google search and I find your fix. Took me maybe 15mins. After filing the contacts and the rectangular slot (There didn't look like there was any corrosion) silicone grease and popped it back together, worked. Cheers for sharing.

Gary Peploe

(The corrosion is white but virtually invisible without a microscope.)

November 18, 2017

Another succesfull horn repair in the Netherlands


thanks for posting this fix. I bought an old 307 SW with many electric gremlins, I am fixing them one at a time. Today the horn is fixed!



October 31, 2017

Horn problem with a slight difference.

Dear Glodark

I hope you can possibly tell me what I can do about the problem I have with my Peugeot Partner van (59 plate). The horn started making a funny little (quick) bleep whilst parked up yesterday. It kept doing this and so I unlocked the van and I found the horn wouldn't actually work when pushed, then all hell broke loose and it just went off on its own!! Nothing I could do would stop it, locking unlocking, driving off round the block etc then it just stopped.

The van made a few more bleeps throughout the day but today it just went off again for about 3 mins. I drove home tonight and it went off on its own three times in 15 minutes. Sometimes the horn will work when I push it and sometimes it doesnt. I got home and it went off for ages so I have removed the fuse (F2) so hopefully that will stop it (for the moment).

Any ideals on this at all?

Many thanks in advance.


I don't have a wiring diagram for your vehicle. If it has an anti-theft alarm, I would suspect that. Otherwise, check your wiring diagram and see what is connected to the horn.

Note: I do not answer questions via email. Please put your questions in the forum. See above.

October 30, 2017

Will copper grease work?

Will copper grease work instead of silicon grease on a peugeot 207 horn fix.


Hi, Lloyd. There's no such thing as "silicon" grease. Silicon is a brittle element. All my references are to silicone grease, which is a flexible hydrocarbon, as used in breast implants.

As you will note from my explanation, above (top), the purpose of the silicone grease is to prevent corrosion. It does this by excluding oxygen and moisture. It does NOT need to be conductive because the brass clip is in direct contact with the casting. It squeezes the grease out of the way.

So, feel free to try the copper grease but I can't guarantee that it will work as effectively as the recommended silicone grease.

Note: I do not answer questions via email. Please put your questions in the forum. See above.

October 20, 2017

Hi I have tried the method you have described above. However the horn still isn't working. It was working one day and the next it completely stopped! I also get an intermittent fault with the cruise control, do you think this is related to the horn not working and therefore I would require a comms 2000 stalk? Many thanks.

James W.

Hi, James.

Congratulations on being the first to report failure in ten years!

It's impossible to diagnose your fault cause with so little information. Do you measure 12 volts DC with a multimeter across the horn connections when the horn button is pressed? If so, the horn itself is faulty. (Or simply connect a small 12v bulb across and see if it lights.)

Note: I do not answer questions via email. Please put your questions in the forum. See above.

I suggest you read the information in the forums and, if that doesn't help, post your question there with full information and details of the tests that you have carried out:-

September 20, 2017

Conductive vaseline

First, thank you so much. I followed all your steps and instructions and my problem has gone.

Just after closing everything, y realized that I have a can of conductive vaseline. Would it be even better than silicone grease?

It would protect the contacts from corrosion and also make the connection more reliable, isn't it?


I've never heard of "Conductive vaseline" but it's not necessary for the grease to be conductive. See my explanation above (top). The idea is that the metal clip makes a positive contact with the metal casting. The grease keeps oxygen and moisture out. Therefore, the connection should be good forever.

September 12, 2017

success story

For 2 year I put up with this extremely annoying intermittent fault and because the mot is now due I needed a solution. Thank you so much for your article -the instructions were superb! I followed them to the letter and 45 minutes later had a working horn. What more can be said apart from the fact if you have this problem bite the bullet, read the instructions and get the job done.

Thank you once again!

peter nqorris

September 1, 2017

Fixed my 14 year problem

When I bought (new) my 307 it had 4 replacement horns, finally they fixed it, on inspection I noticed that they had inserted brass washers to raise the assembly, I was not happy with this as I thought it to be dangerous.

As a consequence I have battled with my horn for years, hoping that it would work at each MOT.

Today I followed your instructions and it works

Thanks a million

If you are reading this and have doubts, just do it, your life will improve immediately.

Thanks again


August 23, 2017

Peugeot 307 horn repair

Many thanks for the very clear instructions regarding the horn repair, especially regarding the removal of the plastic airbag cover.

In my case, it turned out that when I pushed the plastic cover down to sound the horn it wasn't depressing sufficiently to activate the horn. I ended up putting improvised washers over the two locating lugs(?) on the inside of the plastic cover. After refitting the cover it was 2 or 3 mm prouder than before but when I push it down it works the horn fine.

Thank you again for inspiring me to tackle this job


It would be worth checking the actual contacts. After a few years of thumping they can become permanently bent and won't make contact.

July 26, 2017

Peugeot 307 XT 2003 1998cc - horn repair

I followed the detailed instructions and I did it in 10 minutes.

It works perfectly. Thank you. You are well appreciated.


July 2, 2017

Fixing horn on my Peugeot 307

Thnx man! My horn works just great after your help! I cut the main power just as you suggested, and poked the springs with a screwdriver. Now it works beautiful!

Pelle Järvsö

May 31, 2017

My Pug is horning again...

Thank you for sharing ...was on my way to have an additional (and working) horn & button installed to compensate for the 'temperamental' one when I came across this site saved me the trip and a lot of money ...God bless!!

Derick Williamson

May 21, 2017


Hi! Thankyou very much for the instructions.

You made my day and my horn is now working perfectly!

Best regards, Carl from Sweden

Carl Klintborg

April 22, 2017

Peugeot 307 horn fix.

Thanks for the valuable information on how to fix the horn on my 2003 307 Peugeot. I had to use two 5mm allen keys as it seemed to get stuck if I tried to pop one side.

The rest of the job went perfectly. I've had some near misses in traffic and without a horn you are lost. Howard Roe NSW Australia

April 11, 2017

Thanks so much for the clear and concise info. I'm a bit scared of modern car electrics but thanks to your post this fix was simple. Thanks Nick

Nick Lunt

Peugeot 207 horn - April 5, 2017

Brilliant . EXCELLENT. Saved £200.

75 year old ex LGV fitter.

David Coe

Thanks for helping. - February 21, 2017

I just wanted to say a big thanks for this. The horn on my 53 307 has been playing up for years, though it mostly worked in that time. A couple of weeks ago it totally gave up the ghost. Following these instructions I fixed the problem in minutes. Thanks for the clear information.

Wayne Hayes

Horn Fix Peugeot 307 HDI - 2 August 2016

Brilliant fix, thanx for the info it saved a lot of diagnostics.

Dave Bramley

Thank you for the Peugeot 307 horn fix.

Your guide helped me to fix the horn. Thank you very much for taking the time to post the fix online.

Lauri Hakkarainen

Thank you.

Like all below, I just want to thank you for this tutorial. Just forgot to buy some silicone grease, but I hope CRC's all purpose oil will do the trick for a year or two.

Sami Panula

Apply silicone grease to the contact surfaces to prevent oxidation.

To say thank you

This work perfectly. Thank you for this amazing tutorial! You save my time and money. Thank you. Mihael, Croatia


Thank You!

Thanks so much from Sydney, Australia, for your easy-to-follow solution for fixing the horn in my 2003 Peugeot 307.

Not only is the problem solved but you've boosted my "mechanical" confidence and saved me money.

Too good!

24 October 2015

David Lucas

Intermitent 307 horn problem valid on Citroen Berlingo

Just to thank you; the page is 100% valid on Citroen Berlingo 2004 model as well. Thanks again for the good pictures and explanation. It worked nicely!  :-)

Thor Christian Berger

My 307 did not have that brass clip inserted in the baseplate but the wires were attached to the aluminum baseplate with a screw, probably an attempt by the Peugeot engineers to fix the issue.

It's not aluminium - it's "Mazak", a zinc alloy. Apply silicone grease to the contact surfaces to prevent oxidation.

The lug was corroded as well as the aluminum base, so I did have the same horn issue. Cleaning both parts fixed it.


Pierre Debuysscher

It's not aluminium - it's "Mazak", a zinc alloy. Apply silicone grease to the contact surfaces to prevent oxidation.

Peugeot 307 intermittent horn problem

Positive feedback & a suggestion

Many thanks for the info on the intermittent horn problem - I would never have thought of looking under the airbag without your solution.

A couple of suggestions :-

1. I found three slots on the back of the wheel and had to remove the shroud first. Best to release the bottom clip first as it seemed to jam if the two side ones were released first.

2. Rather than put it all back together with the risk of the same problem happening again, I drilled a small hole adjacent to the rectangular hole, fitted a small self-tapping screw, cut off the brass connector, stripped the end of the wire, wrapped the bare wire round the screw and tightened it. Guaranteed good connection for the foreseeable future with no possibility of corrosion.

Paul Oughton

You can do that if you are handy with a drill but there's no need. Mine has survived six years with only silicone grease, as described.

Wrapping bare wire around a screw doesn't guarantee a reliable connection unless you coated the wire with silicone grease to exclude air and moisture.

I have an extra tip for those who are troubleshooting the 2003 Peugeot 307 XS 2.0 L car horn problem. This article applies to constant or intermittent horn problems.

It is some work to take off the bumper or panels or steering wheel parts on the Peugeot to track down the horn problem.

It is a good idea to resolve the problem into 1 of 2 areas by looking inside the main fuse box which is under the hood/bonnet on the left side of the car. Take the plastic cover off of the fuse box and you will see some large colored connectors. Pick the green connector that has 16 pins with wires comming out of the top of it. Identify pin 15 (WIRE# 2500, THE 2ND WIRE FROM THE END TOWARD THE FRONT OF THE CAR ON THE CENTER CAR SIDE OF THE CONNECTOR) which is the wire that goes down to a horn below and to the front of the car.

Take a jumper wire and connect the +12VDC from the Peugeot battery MOMENTARILY to this wire at the top of the connector. If the horn blows, the problem lies between this connector and the horn button at the steering wheel. Very likely, if the horn does blow, the problem will be fixed by following the instructions that have been laid out above by the owner of this webpage. If the horn does not blow, you will need to get to the horn by dissassembling the front of the car as described in the service manual.

Karl Earnhart


Karl Ernhart suggested shorting terminal #2500 on green connector to 12 volt terminal, to see if the horn works. The connectors have the numbers embossed on them 1 to 8 on one side and 9 to 16 on the other side. If you short the wrong terminal and are unlucky you can start a there is no fuse in a piece of wire.

The safe way is to check for +12 volts to earth on terminal 15 when an assistant presses the horn; if not, head for the steering wheel..

I followed your instructions and fixed my horn problem. The connections showed no signs of corrosion but I cleaned and silicone greased the connection anyway. The real difficulty I had was in releasing the Airbag: the right side was difficult; the left side took me an hour and much force.

I knew it would come free thanks to the photos...

Thanks a lot for all the help on your site.


Peugeot 307 car horn

Thanks for posting your instructions - took 10 minutes all in and worked fine.

Just to say that I found keeping the screwdriver horizontal helped connect with the metal spring-rod to push it back, and I found once I connected with the metal rod it was a positive feeling, but I had to pull fairly hard on the central area of steering wheel to get it out - it doesn't just pop out. And I worked on one side, then the other, rather than just popping it all out by pushing in both sides at once.

I cleaned up the central pushfit connector as said, and applied some electrical cleaning spray I had to this and the three other visible connections.

Great - worked fine straight off.

OK but cleaning merely fixes the contact problem temporarily. You MUST apply silicone grease to the contact area in order to exclude air and moisture and prevent future corrosion.

Other fixes for Peugeot 307

Heater fan - open air conditioning and get into the back of the heater fan by the driver's leg, (rather than going in through the glove compartment area). Then pull out resistor? box and clean connections - works fine, 1hr or so.

Same comment as above. Apply silicone grease.

Front indicators worn connection: this can be solved by drilling a hole in back of indicator cluster and wiring that way, bypassing the dodgy connector which burns out - otherwise I believe it's a whole light cluster.

Apply grease to prevent this problem in the first place.

Intermittent ABS warning - I solved mine (touch wood 3 years) by taking off the rear sensors - I found through corrosion they move away from the section they are sensing, one needs to clean them up and perhaps a washer is needed to bring the clearance down - for me, problem solved and I think this problem also came about after the Peugeot recall, where they fiddled with the ABS settings (money making scheme???????) - the ABS worked fine before, and I think a few people had this problem develop after the Peugeot call in.

Don't let the auxillary belt get worn; it can shred, ruining the alternator drive, and even enters the timing belt cover stripping the timing belt of teeth.

Lights are terrible, but I've changed a lot for LEDs, which has reduced the problem.

The glodark explanation is really good but I do have some suggestions to make the job easier.

The main worry was disconnecting the battery. There's a cover over the battery on my 307 HDI 90 diesel and only the positive terminal is readily accessible. I asked at the garage where I have it serviced and was told that disconnecting the positive terminal alone would do. Everything else in the glodark list applies so read through it carefully. If you switch on the ignition and something isn't connected you are in big trouble. Follow all the steps, particularly the 30 minute rule.

Poking a screwdriver into those holes by the steering wheel isn't the best approach. I watched a video of someone struggling to engage the spring release catches with a small screwdriver. Engage the steering wheel so it is slightly to the left (it will lock into that position if you prefer) and insert a 5mm hex wrench to release the clips holding the airbag assembly in place. It was easy to feel the spring against the allen key.

The terminal hole that needs to be cleaned of corrosion is small. I made a little file by glueing two halves of a drinks stirrer together and covered it with glasspaper. Unfortunately, this was too wide to fit the rectangular hole. Rolling up tightly a few strips of fine abrasive paper to give a tool about the size of a fat matchstick worked. Make a thorough job of cleaning up the hole and spade connector. I could see the green corrosion on the abrasive paper.

It was easier to clean up the brass spade connector and I opened it up a tad so it would fit tighter. Add the silicone grease before replacing the connector. A cotton bud is ideal for this. Don't forget to wait 3 minutes after checking that everything is connected before turning the key.

I now have one of those rare Peugeot 307s - one where the horn works.


Stupid Horn......

Excellent write-up on how to fix this annoying problem. As an amateur mechanic I really appreciate the time saved by the photographs and instructions. Once I had everything in bits I also took the time to remove the horn push surround and clean the rear contacts (mainly for peace of mind). Also an easy job once the air bag is removed - just remove the Torx screws being careful not to drop the springs or front plastic locator. I used a pair of needle nosed pliers to take them out once the screws were removed.

Off to the "Control Technique" now..... (French MOT). Well done!

Paul S. Taylor

Very pleased it worked

Hi THANKS SO MUCH, car failed mot on horn and wanted a whole day to fix it but we just went by your idea step by step and now it works. thanks

J hill

I'm very happy

After the mechanic told me I need a new horn, I am so happy that I solved it on my own with your great instruction. Thank you very much.

Nicole Povysil

Just to say thanks


Had problem with my horn working one minute then not working the next

So I tried the fix on my peugeot 307 1.4 rapier

And guess what - it worked perfectly after following the very good detailed advice and photos on the site. I am very pleased and just wanted to say a big thank you.


Tony Barton

Worked a treat

Thanks for this guide. I now have a working horn.

It was very easy to do with the instruction being very clear and images to help.

Great job :)

Sarah naylor

Oh my God, this worked!

Bought used car, Peugeot 307. Horn not working, but was working when I bashed it. Garage asked for £300 for new com2000; tried this (Glodark solution) instead and it worked. Thanks a lot :).

Faisal Muhammed

(Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for a garage to quote for a COM2000 "just in case". However, this is rarely the cause of the fault and they should really explain BOTH possibilities. It costs NOTHING to try our solution first.)

When I followed your instructions I realised that this was only the chassis connection, Not the contacts that actually make and break the circuit. If you undo the torx screws in the picture showing the screw driver and brass connector - beware of springs falling out - then you can clean the contacts that are more likely to be the problem due to electrical corrosion. Again Don't forget to grease with silicone!

Maurice Sewter

(I disagree with "more likely to be the problem". Those button contacts get abraded (and cleaned) each time you sound the horn, so the contact area stays quite clean. They will only be problematic if the car is left unused for a long time and is damp inside.

Nevertheless, if anyone fancies doing this as a precaution, it's probably easy enough.)

Thanks worked great, only took 15 mins after 30 min battery disconnected . A little tip for 52 plate hdi 90 rapier - if your horn works when you press the door lock on your key twice, you can be almost certain this is the problem and can be fixed easy.

Paul Wolstencroft

(Earlier models don't operate horn from key fob.)


Thank you so much for all your help. Horn working perfectly. Car going for its NCT next week. Once again thank you.

William Doyle

Problem with horn.

Thank you for solving a problem that been last for years.

Greetings from Sweden.


Problem with horn.

Thank you for solving a problem that been last for years.

Greetings from Sweden.

Bengt Hogman

Peugeot 307 horn

Absolutely fantastic, followed the procedure as you described. After the initial half hour wait, I took the airbag off, cleaned the connections, put it all together again; we have sound. Next time it happens, it's a job for my 10 year old grand daughter - so simple, thank you.

Pete Thompson

Apply silicone grease to the contact surfaces to prevent oxidation in future.

So Pleased

I was a little sceptical and concerned at first but bit the bullet so to speak, I carried out EXACTLY what was told in the forum and cannot thank you enough IT WORKS ALL THE TIME NOW..........Thats £200 - £300 I'm better off rather than paying these cheating Peugeot dealers,

Have you any ideas on the FAP (particulate Filter) and emission controls that the aforementioned dealers think their loyal owners are a constant source of income and are hiding the facts in a cloak and dagger way? Big thanks. I cannot thank you enough, Regards Melvyn Gill

I'm not sure what you mean. I replaced my pollen filter. It was made difficult because the previous mechanic had fitted it the wrong way round and had also broken the plastic rivets. I refitted the new one the correct way round and used self-tapping screws to hold the cover.

Another clever money-saving mechanic's trick was to fit the small size brake pads as used on the smaller engine, manual gearbox model. I wondered why the brakes were squealing! A competent mechanic pointed out that, with half the contact area, the incorrect pads were melting! The discs had to be skimmed before the correct pads could be refitted. More expense caused by incompetent so-called mechanics!

Peugeot 307 horn.

First of all thank you very much for posting on the net. My problem is that when I push with the screwdriver I can feel the metal bars moving, but nothing happens I.e the housing does not seem to release or I cannot feel the metal bars catching, am I doing something wrong? thanks.

Thomas Penman.

There's obviously no answer to this other than "yes". Please look at the photos again. You have to release the springs and pull the airbag housing towards you.

A working horn after so many years! Aw matron.

After several years of the horn not operating correctly and sweating over whether the thing would work on the day of the mot, I stumbled across your site. An hour later and it works!

You should become a surgeon and, if you do, can you have a look at my knee?

Thanks for the trouble you have taken to produce the site.

Graham Butcher

Horn working again

Worked a treat. In for mot on Monday. Thank you.

colin brown

To Send Thanks

Thank you so much for taking your time to post all this information. I didn't have a problem with my horn but needed to remove the indicator stalk unit. This was a great help when I found this information, as my husband was just about to remove it all & I had visions of the air bag going off on him. Can not thank you enough as if we had not used your info we would have been in trouble (got him to clean & grease the horn terminal at the same time). Thanks again & all the best.

Lia Rayman

Fixed horn on daughter's car

Thank you for your page in fixing the horn on my daughter's 307. We were delighted when, after we put it all back together, the horn worked as it should do. Never had any problem following your instructions, went a dream, thanks again.

Charlie macfarlane

It worked great

No problems doing this; only took 15 mins to fix; passed MOT first time yesterday. Saved me a fortune.

Thanks a lot



I have a 2003 "Partner" and have had this problem for years! Every time I checked the connections the horn would start working but after a day or two would stop. With MOT (ITV here in Spain) it had to be sorted properly. Two things, my Partner had a third hole to access the lower half of the airbag spring. Ribbon cable can be repaired, if you carefully remove the plastic covering over the break and paint it with metal paint it should work. Be sure not to short out the adjoining cable; with patience it can be done; used to work for me as a computer engineer.

Thanks again

Andy Owens

Peugeot 307 horn was fixed

Thank you very much for your advice. I had problems with my horn since I bought 307 in 2009. And it cost my just 6 pounds for grease and 20 minutes of work to solve this problem.

Ladislav Dvorsky

Thanking for the post: Peugeot 307 horn repair


I've struggled with the horn in my Peugeot 307 for some time; after all it's a piece of equipment that should be in working order according to (at least Finnish) law. This guide helped me to get it fixed in an hour with low cost (the silicone grease for five euros).

I would like to recommend a minor improvement to the guide: when doing this repair, one needs some sort of pliers to get the brass connector out of its slot. That's fine, but the pliers wasn't mentioned in the tool list when preparing for the job. It's not a big deal, but I only realised that when I had started the job and taken the airbags housing off.

All in all, I'd like to thank you once more. This repair guide definitely made the difference, and my horn is now working, and hopefully continues to do so thanks to the silicone grease, which was introduced as a new thing (to me atleast). This guide is highly recommended, allthough one must carefully follow this particular guide to the letter, otherwise there are certain things that can go horribly wrong: airbag exploding or the car's computer corrupting its software.

Enjoy the guide, get your horn fixed in a safely and well planned manner and drive safe!


I cannot thank you enough. My car failed its MOT because my horn decided to stop working on that day (2004 307 envy works when it wants to). I had 10 working days to get it fixed and I was in a panic. Came across your step by step guide and fixed single mum! Mwah!

samantha parker

It worked for me.

I followed the instructions to the letter and, "lo and behold", it worked a treat on my 2004 Peugeot Partner van. Many thanks.

john kavanagh

Thank you!

I was quoted £130 for my intermittent horn to be fixed at my local garage. After finding your page I was able to buy a £2.25 tub of silicone grease and get it working using 15 minutes of my time (plus waiting half an hour after disconnecting the battery). Thank you very much for posting the pictures and description, you must have saved hundreds of pounds for people in total.

Other tips: if your screwdrivers are too wide to fit in the holes, try an Allen key instead, it made the perfect pushing tool for me. Also, if you have no needle file, use a tight roll of fine sand paper wrapped around a small Allen key to clean the contacts.

A remark: my 02 reg 307 diesel doesn't make a bong when I turn the lights on 10s after reconnecting the battery. Everything appears fine though.

Matt Arthington

Thank you for peugeot horn repair advice

Many thanks, Glodark, my Partner has had an intermittent horn for 2 years. Thankfully it's worked at every MOT. Over xmas I got a new horn unit from the scrap yard. It took all day fitting it (bumper off etc., massive job) but still intermittent. I wish I searched first on Google but never thought it was a common problem. Thanks again for taking time out to help others. John in Lancashire

Jon Meachin

Citroen Berlingo Horn Problem

I would like to thank you for the defect rectification advice.I have had the same problem that you talk about with my Citroen Berlingo horn. I have been a motor mechanic all my working life till I retired and moved to Spain. This problem was getting on top of me and no one had any cure that I spoke to. I followed your article and I was pleased with the working result. I have read many motor trade forums reference this problem and was not impressed.

I am now a satellite installer in Spain for the last six years. Mostly 2.4 metre dishes for friends. Regards Perky

Keith Lloyd Perkins

intermittent horn

Thanks guys. Once again another positive feedback.

10 mins well spent and another non-costly fix

luke harrison

Thanks for you help

Used this tip on 7th Jan 2012 and it was great, there was a small problem I had that was detecting the spring clips but I found another blog which suggested using the screwdriver almost parallel to the face of the steering wheel which certainly helped in locating the spring arms.

Many thanks for the photo help too.


Peugeot 307sw horn

Many thanks for the description and supporting a treat.

Apologies to everyone in my area for horning you, I'm just so excited.

Steve (Quarry Bank - West Midlands)

Great Advice

I have been experiencing horn failure issues with my 307 for several years.

I followed your instructions and now ok. (15 Minutes) Previously I have had to bang hard on the steering wheel, so it working for a period of time. The family will be upset, because they always thought the air Bag would be deployed one day.

Many Thanks

Mark Rollings

another tip

Absolutely brilliant saved me a lot of money and each stage was perfectly correct. Thank you for your trouble. One other tip is that in my case the brass spring clip was loose in the slot so I opened it out and, when pushed back in, it made a solid click. Vaselene was my choice to protect it. Nice one!


Vaseline might be OK but it oxidises and goes brown so I'm not convinced it's as reliable as silicone grease.

miracle performed

You, my friend, are a star. I have been having problems with the horn on my 307 for nearly two years......SORTED ....thank you....

Tommy Griffiths

06 307 SW

Hi there, I just wanted to say thanks very much for posting up this guide. I have a 06 307 SW which had the same problem with the horn. Once I took it apart I noticed that the connector was slightly different; it was more of a round ring connector that was screwed down. Anyway, since I had the airbag housing etc. already removed, I decided to give it all a good clean and protected it with a bit of silicone grease. I put it all back together and it's working perfectly again. Thank you so much!!!

chris s


Ik had sinds twee jaar al problemen met de claxon.

Met behulp van deze handleiding was het probleem in twintig minuten verholpen.

Thank You.


U bint wilkommen

Horn now works

Thanks for such an easy to follow set of pictures and instructions.

I have just fixed the horn on the wife's 307cc with ease.

The only problem I encountered was the brass connecter decided to bend over double when I pushed down with the screwdriver so it took a little more coaxing to free it,(approx. 2 minutes added).

Thanks for saving me a fortune at a Peugeot dealers for the simple solution to the problem.

Great Job



Attention all Peugeot Drivers - THIS WORKS

Oh my god. I've been suffering with a faulty horn for 3 years. Every time I go for an MOT it either fails or I get an advisery note. I followed your instructions and now it works perfectly. Probably took me 1 hour, but that's because I didn't have a file small enough so used tiny piece of rolled up emery cloth. Thank you so much.

Lee Thompson

Peugeot Partner horn

Thanks for advice, I followed your instructions and it worked a treat. My 2007 Partner has 3 holes and steering column shroud had to be removed first. I snapped the cable crimp on the lug but I soldered the wire directly to the clip "tinning" the wire first. Thanks a lot

Gav Freeborn

This fix also works with my 2007 Peugeot Partner, although there are three holes to poke with a screwdriver to remove the airbag. Bottom one first and then either side. It's also necessary to remove the steering column shroud to get at the holes. No biggie though, just three Torx screws.

I would like to thank you for helping us to cancel the air bag light and to repair the horn on our Peugeot 307. We were in Spain and with frustration we were almost ready to scrap the car. Your instructions were superb and it was fixed in 15 minutes in the soaring heat.

Thanks again Lew

Lewis Evans

Thank you so much for putting this on line. My 307 had the same trouble. I took it for MOT this year: pushed - nothing - failed! It was driving me crazy. I found your article and did as you said, it now works perfectly. Thanks so much. I wish there were more people like you around, could save a fortune on garage bills.

Timothy Rowe

Worked a treat

Thank you for sharing this information with the rest of us! I followed your guide and now the horn works as it once used to, perfectly :)

One thing though; It says to disconnect the negative (-) terminal on the battery but the picture shows the positive one being disconnected. I believe it should be the positive terminal right? That's at least the one I disconnected and it worked. The negative terminal is earthed isn't it?

Engin Zufer

Safest method is to disconnect the (-) NEGATIVE terminal first and reconnect it last.


Failed the MOT on the horn ... just took it for granted that it would work as I can't remember ever using it. I followed your advice ... except I didn't have a file to fit, so used an emery board. Tremendous instructions! Thanks very much for taking the time to put this on your site.

Andrew Blair

This brilliant mate I have taken my car in for MOT last year they reckoned they had fixed it took them two days I did this in ten minutes after the half hour wait period. Thanks a million.

Rich Overfield

Why don't workshop manuals illustrate and describe procedures as clearly as this ? Thank you so much !

Chris Gibbons

Thanks for advice.

Hiya, regarding your posting about the Peugeot horn connection....

After being misquoted and then offered a resolution, but at a "pay as you go" rate (£53 plus VAT), I followed your instructions.

So £3.91 for a tube of silicone grease, no more than 15 minutes to do as you advised, and all is well.

Thank you REALLY very much !!!


Peugeot 307 horn repair:

I went by your tutoral and it worked great, thanks.

Tony Hammett

Thanks for a first class explanation, worked very well. Also once you are in this far (with the air bag removed) try cleaning the three contacts under the pushbar with a scotchbrite or similar. You will need a T20 torx bit. TM

(Scotch brite is an abrasive cloth used in the refinishing trade.. but is almost the same as a pan cleaner.. the push bar is the triangular piece of plastic pushed when you push the horn or air bag. In each corner (3) there is a brass contact so the horn blows whichever corner you press.)

Terry Munt

I would just like to thank you very much for your info & pictures regarding the removal of the air bag on a peugeot 307.

I wish that I had found your info. before I wasted two hours removing the horn, checking fuses etc. Peugeot quoted £75- to fix the problem, but thanks to you I sorted it myself in 15 mins.


Steve Sinclair

I cannot believe this it actually worked. It was so easy to do, thankyou so much. I mean it.

ian whiteway

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Just a quick line to say thanks for posting such an informative article.

Found it via HonestJohn when googling Pug 307 horn fault as mine failed the MOT today and I was worried about prising the horn button off because of the airbag.

Anyway, it was great to find the fully documented procedure so I can sort it out at the weekend.

Thanks for taking the time to publish it.

Chris Murr


I want to say thank you so much for this instruction you put online, I followed it exactly and it has resolved the horn issue.

thank you again.

Mohon Miah

Just like to say a big thankyou for spending the time by putting the photos on a website on how to fix a horn on a peugeot 307. I did put it into a garage on 2 different occasions. It worked one day then didn't the next. I followed your instructions and it worked like a treat. Neighbours not very happy as I am pressing the horn none stop. Many thanks again, Jimmy D.


Estimado amigo:

estoy muy agradecido por la perfecta explicacion para reparar el claxon del Peugeot 307 cc. En 10 minutos solucionamos el problema.

Un cordial saludo


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Yes, I have just performed this on my (2004) Peugeot 307 SW. And it worked fine. In my case, although the brass lug looked as new, scraping the inside of the hole that makes contact with the brass lug - was necessary to fix it.

This kind of problem, a regular autocentre can't usually handle and you have to hunt down an auto electrics specialist to even diagnose something like this. And it can be a big hassle. So thanks very much for posting this, is really appreciated.



A huge thankyou for publishing the guide on removing the Peugeot 307 airbag and repairing the horn. I was a bit nervous about removing the airbag, but it was actually quite easy following your guide. The offending connector looked fine, but once I'd given the hole a good rub with one of the wives nail files (really), the horn worked perfectly. Thanks a million.

Duncan MacL.

Thanks, Duncan. Interested to know how many wives you have?

Used this method to fix my horn

I tried this last night to fix my horn as it had totally stopped working and my car is due its MOT.

I am by no means the best person to attempt to fix a car but this worked very very easily. Can't thank you guys enough, without doing this I would probably be £100-£200 out of pocket from peugeot ripping me off!

Thanks Again.

The only part that was tough was actually getting the front cover off, the screwdriver works easily to release but it actually requires some force to pull the cover off. Spent 15 minutes doing that and 1 minute fixing it :)


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I have a Peugeot 307 1.4 LX 2001 model where the horn didn't work!

After following your excellent step by step guide to sorting it out all I can say is you are a star it worked and I just wanted to thank you very very much.....A+

Mark Bray

Thank you!

I used your guide to fixing the horn on my Peugeot 307 - poor connection, as you identified. It is now working perfectly - thank you!

A Smith

Thank you so so much - my MOT failed because of the horn not working, so my parner found this information - followed it exactly and it works perfectly.

Thank you for sharing this info


Thanking you. It worked like a charm!

I bought a Peugeot 2.0 hdi 2.0 90kw in Sept. 2010 and had the intermittent horn problem from the very beginning. My trusted (cheap) garage could not fix it.

I tried it today and took 30 minutes to solve it (even though I accidentaly broke a tiny part of the brass) and by following your comprehensive instructions I finally solved the annoying problem.

The brass was the problem. It was corroded so that it didn't make a good contact to the metal oblong.

Thanks for your awesome tip, and keep up the great work.


Almere, the Netherlands


Worked a treat, and I mean a treat - the horn sounded better than ever with minimal pressure applied.

One slight note - I over pulled on getting the brass connector out, slipped and managed to pull the top black wire form the connector. I therefore trimmed the insulation back, opened the 2 wings on the connector with a small set of pliers and put the wire back in and closed the wings.

Thanks again.


You should coat the wire with silicone grease before closing the wings.


Hey that is a brilliant piece of info. The horn problem has been bugging me for nearly 18 months. Got it fixed at a garage before and cost me! Fixed it in 15 minutes with your help and now I know what to do if it happens again.

I've great admiration for guys like you that take the time to share your knowledge and experience. Inspires me to do the same.

Thanks so much



I welcome all feedback. If this worked (or didn't work) for you, please TELL ME your story so we can help others. I believe in freely sharing information! I will not reply to questions.

If you have a QUESTION please post it in the FORUM.

Also see Diesel additive minimum level for Peugeot 307

You can find spares for Peugeot on eBay

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