In 1995 I bought a Vauxhall Cavalier GSi 2000 which handles and accelerates much better than the Mk1 1.8 Astra GTE. Not much to say about it. I didn't do any modifications but the clutch cable ran in a tight "S" shape and made pressing the clutch pedal a two-foot job. I used to run "STP" oil treatment down the cable to free it off.

On July 15, 1998 Some b*stard in Whitby decided he had more right to it than I had. It was found in Middlesbrough without engine, gearbox or wheels.

August 1998: I bought a Vauxhall Cavalier 2.0 GLi Automatic. It's reasonably "nippy" but not in the same class as the GSi. Nice car, however.

My Vauxhall cavalier 2.5 V6 without wheel trims

September 1, 1998 Today I bought a Cavalier V6 2.5 Automatic. This is a real "muscle" car but doesn't handle as well as the GSi. People keep asking me "how many valves?" Well, I don't know but it's at least 12 and no more than 24. Does it matter? The car has a frightening amount of power. It's a real "Q" car: it looks absolutely ORDINARY since I replaced the "V6" badges with "L" badges! The wheels are wide, of course, but are steel with crappy plastic trim* so, to the undiscerning eye, it could easily be a Cavalier L. Less risk of it being stolen, I hope.

* I spoke too soon. As you can see, some twat in Middlesbrough needed wheel trims! I'll leave it in this tatty state. Surely *nobody* will want those black 5-stud wheels?

October 18, 2002 This Cavalier was scrapped. See Vectra.

Replacing Cavalier Bulbs!

I just had to replace the bulb in the cavalier dashboard for the heater controls. Also the one that illuminates the automatic gear selector. What a pig! See how I did it.

Replacing seat belt receptacle!

The very next day I couldn't get my seat belt to click into the receptacle. Another pig! See what I did.

Fixing Cavalier Electric Window

Hans van Kempen shows you how

Replacing Cavalier outside Temperature Gauge

Hans van Kempen shows you how

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